Monday, December 20, 2010

Yeah Sun!

The sun finally came out on a day that wasn't -15 degrees outside. We donned our coats, hats and gloves and hit the street. It was so fun to get outside. Poor Elsie (and I) have been cooped up in our place since moving here due to tiny babies, extreme weather or crappy fog. We had a great time exploring our neighborhood, and hope it doesn't take another 2 months for the sun and warmth to come together in a wonderful day again. Here's the little squeaker just delighted to be outside. Here she is dressing up the fire hydrant. It was fun to watch her, watch her shadow. She splashed around in the puddle you see ahead of her, but I wasn't fast enough to catch it on camera. Here are me and Sam sporting Elsie's hat after she took it off. What a great day!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tummy Time

Samuel having some tummy-time. He is actually pretty good about it. I just have to keep Elsie from throwing too many blocks on him.


Anytime Tyler or I go out the door Elsie gets excited and will stand right in front of it with her shoes in her hands and say "Go Go Go!" It is very cute. We tell her every time not to stand so close to the door. Usually we are pretty good about opening the door slowly and she has only been knocked (relatively gently) in the head a few times. UNTIL the other day... I was in such a good mood, despite my kids both being sick. I went running out to take the garbage out and came running back in (it was chilly and I didn't have my coat on). Upon reaching the door I slammed it open (it wasn't closed all the way) and saw my sweet, sick daughters legs go flying up in the air, heard her slam onto the ground, and saw her shoes flying out of both hands. She immediately started crying (understandably) and had a big, blue goose-egg on her forehead. The shots aren't the best, but you can kind of see it on the right-side of the picture. These shots were taken within minutes of the incident, so they are not the best... Too much flash, but look at those beautiful blue eyes. Gladly, this is the worse it looked. It has healed up quite nicely, so I won't be able to post any better shots of it getting yellow and green. Bummer.

Dinner Theatre

We have a table straight out of the 50s. No kidding. We got it from Tyler's Grandfather and it is so . . . fun. Elsie loves playing underneath in this little square when we are eating dinner. She bumped her head trying to get out. The fun comes to a quick stop. As does dinner.

The Peanut Butter Alternative

Nutella. We love you. Thank you for your delicious, chocolate-flavored protein. This is a great shot because you get a glimpse of how much is up her nose. A little on the difficult side to get out. Waiting patiently for Dad to clean her off.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Usually we keep Samuel up pretty high so Elsie doesn't maul him when our backs our turned. Lately, I have been putting him lower so she will have a chance to see and play with him. She loves it when she can lay next to him, or lean over and give him hugs and kisses. On this day I was cleaning out the front closet and turned around to see Elsie sharing all of her toys with Sam. She was really piling them up... Awe When she grabbed the pillow to add to the pile, I decided that was probably enough sharing for the day, and moved Samuel back to his spot on the table.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

6 weeks already!?!

How the time flies. I can't believe Samuel is already 6 weeks old. He is cooing, smiling and so much more alert now that just last week. The other day I walked by and his little face lit up. It was the cutest thing, and it made me feel so bad. I have been so busy with the move and chasing Elsie around when I'm not with Samuel that I had no idea he was already growing up so fast. Since realizing this I have taken a bit more time to spend with him when he is awake and alert. He is so much fun, Elsie just loves him - and so do we!