Monday, May 23, 2011


Sam has been on solids for a couple of months now. He loves them, which is a nice change from when I tried getting Elsie to eat solid food. He is also finally sitting up. It's been a pretty exciting couple of months for our little guy.


Recently our little Diva has been insisting she sit at the table (no booster seat allowed) with a plate, fork and napkin just like Mom & Dads for all of her meals. It's especially fun when she insists we all wear our sunglasses as well...


My brother has a great piece of property outside of Boise. He took us up their with his family last weekend, and we had a great day relaxing and hanging out. Here we are, the current baby boomers of the Powell family. We love our matching Snugglies, and adorable babies.Unloading wood for future camping. The girls were a big help. Especially Rachel and Elsie in their matching shirts. All aboard the choo-choo train! Lunch Rachel and Sam Observing the boys hard at work. The noise from the saw was pretty loud (in the Urt), so Addie is covering her ears. Cute! And of course, you can't have a relaxing day with the Powells without a little hard labor in the mix. Here are Tyler and Shaun putting in the chimney for the new wood stove.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


More and more people have been commenting on how Sam is starting to look more like Elsie as he gets older. I wanted to post some comparison pictures to see what your thoughts are... This is Elsie around 6 1/2 months And here is Sam around the same age. At any rate, they are both adorable. At least, we think so.

'lil Sam

Here's our little guy and his great big smile. He is starting to babble a lot, and I can barely get him to eat in-between conversations. He lights up every time he sees Elsie, and Elsie completely adores him.

"I'm ginna gitch you"

Elsie loves playing "I'm ginna gitch you!" with her Dad. Every day when he gets home from work she gives him a hug, and as soon as he puts her down those are the 1st words out of her mouth. On this fateful night, however, we had a mishap. Elsie ran into our closet, stumbled, and SMACKED her head right into our wooden shoe rack. She came up howling with blood pouring down her poor face. I gasped, and told Tyler we should probably put some butterfly stitches on. He thought we should take her to Urgent Care. We did, and I am glad. After they stemmed the flow of blood (FYI: Head wounds bleed a lot) and cleaned the wound, it was quite a deep gash. I could see all the layers of tissue, and then a (before the skull I am assuming). She has healed up great, and I hope there will be minimal scarring. Even if there is a scar, bangs are back in style, right?

New hiding place

I thought Elsie would steer clear of the fridge/wall spot after she got stuck there a while back. However, the other day she was being very quiet (too quiet), so I went to check on her just as she was heading down the hall. She saw me, got her wide-eyed "uh oh" look and went trotting by me into the kitchen. I told her to stop, and she went right to this spot, between the wall and the refrigerator with her Dad's Carmex. I snapped a shot, then dug her out from her hiding spot and let her have it. Oh yeah, she's also been dressing herself lately. As you might have guessed based on the green shorts over her kimono-type pajamas.

Grandma comes to town

Here is a couple of quick shots with Grandma when she was in town at the end of March. The kids had such a good time doing puzzles and playing. We love you Grandma!

I can't believe...

she's already 2. Here she is on her 1st birthday. And here she is on her 2nd.

Bike trailer/stroller

Took Sam & Elsie out in the double stroller to see how they would fit. They did great! Sam loved it, and Elsie didn't start smacking him until we were on our way home.