Sunday, September 19, 2010

KMA Reunion 2010

As soon as we arrived at the cabin Elsie could not be kept away from the stairs. She loves stairs to begin with, and when we have visiting people's houses that have staircases she will spend most of our time there climbing up and down them. She especially liked the stairs at the cabin, because she could see people downstairs as she was climbing them. She spent most of the reunion on them. Here we are getting ready to make our ninja headbands for the treasure hunt. Dad and Elsie playing around while Mom dutifully works on the headbands. Elsie is getting some serious air out here in the great wide open. Ninja-time! The final product. Elsie's ninja name is 'Pink Ninja'. Mine ended up being 'Amberlicious Mamber Ninja (long story)... Here is Elsie with her Uncle Sam on the stairs outside. Adorable.


Here's our little squeaker dutifully helping her dad load the fridge with soda. She loves this hat, especially when we help her put it on backwards. Our little hommie!

Larimer County Fair

I love the fair. All fairs. I don't care how small or smelly they are, they just make me happy. Since moving to Colorado I have wanted to go to the local county fair. However, we always seem to be out of town during the big event. Not this year! 7 months pregnant I decided to drag my poor husband and daughter to the fair, and we (well, I) had a great time! Excluding, of course, the fact that it was over 90 degrees, humid, I am pregnant (so running about 10 degrees hotter than everyone else) and a bit on the grumpy side.... In an effort to cheer me up, my sweet husband bought me my favorite of all favorites - Pina Colada shaved ice. Suddenly, the day is cooler, and so I am. Here we are checking out some livestock. Elsie was given a sucker earlier in the day by a friendly cowboy and was quite content to lick and let lick (ha ha) as we strolled around. Taking a shade break under a canopy. Overall, it was a great day.