Monday, March 30, 2009

She's finally arrived!

We welcomed our baby into the world on Saturday night.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Home Tour

This post is mainly for my mom, who was wondering what our new apartment looks like. But, if you've never been to our apartment, I'm sure you'll find it very interesting. The exterior. We have better neighbors here than at our last apartment. We live in the basement. Entry. Front room. The kitchen. Laundry facilities, just off the kitchen. Our bedroom (what a nice quilt!). Although we are from Idaho, the boxes on our clothing shelf do not contain potatoes. Mini-hallway leading to our mini-bathroom. Mini-bathroom. One more room to go! Home office/baby's room/storage room. Amber, hard at work. Come visit soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Have the Celtics lost their mind?

The Boston Celtics recently signed one of the worst basketball players I've ever seen: Stephon Marbury, or as Sam refers to him, "Starbury". I'm pretty sure this signing will be the downfall of the 2009 Celtics, who are already struggling with Kevin Garnett out with an injury. I hope Danny Ainge, the Celtics GM, knows something that I don't, because this move just seems crazy. The Knicks, Marbury's former team, paid him $21 million dollars to NOT play for them. The rest of the NBA season is going to be rough. On a side note, he does have a fine scalp tattoo.

Tag Results

Here are the results of your tagging, Wendy. Hope you're happy. (L to R: Billie, Eva, Teresa, Ivy, and some random neighbor kid)