Thursday, July 1, 2010

Splash Park

After painting our nails Teresa put cat-faces on all of the kids (Porter has a Tiger face). I am reading a story to my neice and Elsie while she finishes up.Here is adorable Addie (my brother's daughter) with her cat-face and purple eye. She was hit in the corner of her eye by the swing Grandpa put up the day before. She hardly even cried, I couldn't belive it. It's hard to tell she was even hit because of the great cat-face.
My adorable neices.
Elsie & Rachel splashing around.
Addies, trying to convince Porter to go down the waterslide.
Porter, trying to warm up (Arizona boy!).
Kelli catching up with an old friend.
Sharing in the fun.

What a way to start the day

The girls got up waaayyy too early this morning. I helped them paint their nails on the kitchen floor in an effort to cheer everyone up. It worked, thank goodness. This is around 6:30 a.m. Here are the little cuties showing off their new toes and stickers.
The ultimate diva.


Elsie's first time on a trampoline. She had a great time. Was timid at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea. Here she is cooling off in the reflection of the wading pool with a popcicle.
Finished it off just in time for naps.

The Swingset

As we were sitting around watching Elsie toddle around the yard my sister & I commented on how much we miss the swingset that used to be in my parents yard. My Mom said that since my dad ran into it with the tractor a few years ago they just haven't been able to find a good place to put it. Pine trees are now nestling where it once stood. After careful review, Teresa & I found the perfect spot. Grandpa got out the tractor & the fun begins (not even 9:30 a.m. yet)! Here come all the kids to see what is going on in the back with the Moms, Grandpa and tractor.
Porter, trying his hand at farming.
Grandpa & Porter getting the swingset loaded onto the tractor.
Teresa, helping Dad get the swingset around the back fence.
The perfect spot for the perfect swingset.
Alas, all is complete once again in the backyard.

You know you're at Mom & Dad's when...

It's not even 9:00 in the morning and your daughter is already covered in dirt... ...she grabs the nearest mug and starts chugging.
It only took seconds for her to figure out how to hold, and drink at the same time.
Don't worry... it's ice water.

Pre-Birthday, Birthday Party!

I am out of town again for Tyler's birthday, so my Mom made a cake and here we are celebrating how much we all love Tyler a couple of days early. The big 3-1!
Good times.

RJ & Emily Ball Reunion 2010

Just a few pictures of family during the RJ & Emily Ball reunion this year. Here are the kids dividing up the candy after candy-mountain.
Elsie, taking a load off.
Cousins are just too much fun!

Starting young

Elsie with Dad, catching up on all the latest sports.

Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day with great friends. Ryan, Tiffay and Fisher Snow
DeNae, Elsie's BFFChillin' with Brendon


Our new pool floatie. She loves it!


We weaned Elsie (and us) off of her binkies. It was quite dramatic for the whole family. In this picture she is chewing on the stub of her binky. We cut off the ends of all of her binkies when we started the process. She wouldn't settle down, even though she was so exhausted. Finally I got her out of her crib and within 5 minutes she was OUT. 3 days of no naps for Mommy or Elsie and we are free of the binkies - yeah! Now we are back on schedule and napping like champs.

Soakin' up the sun

Here we are getting out in the sunshine (finally!) and trying out our new BBQ. Elsie is having a great time chillin' with Dad. Playing around in the grass.Elsie licking her Dad's salad bowl. She loves Ranch!
Here we are saluting the birds.