Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 Our lil’ Sam is now tearing around the corners of our house and we can often hear him sliding around and crashing to the ground. It’s fun to watch him sit perfectly still after one of these falls, taking inventory to make sure he isn’t seriously injured, before jumping back up and taking off in another direction. Elsie often tells him he needs to “stop and walk, Sam!” She will then do a super-speed shuffle so she is in front of him, then take off at a run and tell him to run after her. As long as she is first, all is well in our household. Sam is really starting to enjoy tormenting his older sister. He will grab things out of Elsie’s hand, or take something from the toy bin that he can see she is going after, and take off with it. You can hear him running down the hall with Elsie shouting after him. He’ll come around the corner with this mischievous glint in his eye and a grin on his face. It is fun to watch, if not exhausting at times.

Elsie loves to dance, and will ask you to stop whatever you are doing to watch her latest pirouette. She is getting so big and is smarter than ever. She enjoys swimming and disputing facts with you. She is always on the lookout for a way around authority, and already has us scratching our heads as to where she gets it from! She has a darling sense of humor and keeps us on our toes. She is quite competitive, just like her father, and we look forward to the upcoming years of getting kicked out of sporting events….

 Amber is now working at our local YMCA gym as a Group Power instructor. She finished her certification in the course at the end of October and was hired on as an instructor at the beginning of December. She loves working and mingling with the staff and members of the gym.
Tyler continues working for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in Parma. Work is plentiful and there is never a dull moment. He was able to go on a ‘New Employee Tour’ for 3 weeks this spring to see the different areas of the state and also had the chance to network with employees in different regions.  When he has time, he still enjoys golfing and bowling.

We were able to see many of our family and friends this year, and we treasure the relationships we are fortunate to have with all of you. May you be blessed in all of your endeavors during the upcoming year, and we hope we will see you soon!