Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sam turns 3!

We woke up early to make Sam's cake the morning of his birthday party. It took some convincing, but we finally managed to get him to hold up 3 fingers instead of just 2.

A few of his cousins were able to come and help us celebrate. We started the party off with a scavenger hunt. Using pictures, since there was only one of the cousins that is old enough to read at this point.

We moved on to presents...
Had some chocolate cake...
...and ended the night in tears because it was much too late, and he was much too hopped up on sugar. On the bright side, he woke up and first things first, got his new tool belt on and was ready to start the new day as a 3 year old.
We love this little guy. He is absolutely delightful. Happy birthday 'lil Sam!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Easter/Elsie's birthday

Amber showcasing Elsie's fabulous "E" cake.
The birthday girl, finally turning four.

Super excited for the Easter egg hunt!

Lil' Sam, getting after it.

How did an egg get all the way up here?
Time to make the donuts!
Elsie turned four this year, and had a fantastic party with lots of cousins and Easter eggs. For months, she's been begging to turn four. Now that her birthday has come and gone, she's already pining to be five.