Monday, January 12, 2009

The Belly

For all of you that have been asking - here are the pictures of my belly. I don't know where it came from. It seems like just the other (blessed) day that most people were surprised to find out I was pregnant. Then, overnight, I have a balloon for a belly. No more asking or silent wondering on the part of others if I am just packing on the winter weight, or if I'm pregnant. It is now abundantly clear that I am gonna be a momma!!! We are so excited, and can't believe that in a mere 3 months our lives as know them will never be the same again....


Me and my huge belly (which I just love) and my new Christmas shoes!
Tyler's long-awaited for XBox live subscription. Life is now complete.
Tyler has been collecting golf balls in the fields where he works for the last 9 months or so. I am so glad he was able to give some as Christmas gifts. Only one box (yes, box) of recycled golf balls left. I can't wait until next year - even though I'm sure he will have replenished his supply by then...
I love this picture of Tyler's dad! It makes me laugh every time I look at it!
We gave Tyler's mom a potato, potato peeler for Christmas - brilliant!!! Why can't I think of these clever things?

The Flat

We caravanned up to Idaho with Tyler's brother, Sam, and his wife, Collette. They live in Colorado Springs (about an hour South of us). On the way up Tyler looks in the rear-view mirror and watches in horror as Sam goes careening off of the highway (at 75 mph), thru the median and into oncoming traffic. Luckily Sam was able to get his truck stopped just inside the yellow line. Sam had hit some black ice and his truck went out of control. We are so glad he was able to regain control of the truck and that they were all safe. After getting control of his heart-rate, he drove back thru the median and pulled ahead of where we had stopped. He had blown out his rear tire. No biggie, right??? Well, his super-sweet truck has custom rims, which apparently did not have the right size lug wrench to along with it. Tyler and I ended up driving about 10 miles back to Rawlins, WY to get the right tools, and after a mere 2 hours we were back on the road - yeah!!!