Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some pics from this summer

Here we are after a pretty full day in Yellowstone. Poor little Elsie - pretty tuckered out. Yes, that is her behind that hat... This is at family reunion #3, the one Tyler & I were in charge of this year. We spent the day in Yellowstone. Elsie is looking like quite the trooper here, she tanks out later in the day. Elsie's cousin (on the right) is only one day younger than she is. I don't know if you can see the difference very well here, but this little guy has got some serious cheek action going on. Elsie looked so little next to him! They had a pretty good time with each other. Trying to 'up' one another during tummy time. I just love this picture of them playing together. Matching shirts and all!!! Elsie Jean & Daddy. Ready for the family pic. Yeah! Dad is here!!! After 4 weeks away from each other we are too too excited to be reunited. This is reunion #2 of the 3 that we went to this summer. As you can see, Elsie is really feelin' the reunion spirit!