Saturday, March 20, 2010


For the last several months Elsie has been helping me find her outfits for the day. We keep her clothes in bins on the bottom shelf of our "clothes shelf" (an old bookcase converted to the cause due to extreme lack of closet space). She loves to pull the bins out, one by one, and then quite methodically pull one piece of clothing out at a time. Once all the bins are empty, she'll select one piece of clothing and thrash around with it; clearing the space all around her. Once that is cleared, she'll pick a new piece of clothing, move to a different pile, and repeat the process. I don't get it, but I do appreciate that it keeps her busy for quite some time. And me, I guess, since I then go behind her and clean it all up. Hmmm...who's keeping who busy? Anyway, now that she's pulling herself up on things and standing up, she is starting to reach the higher shelves, which belong to Tyler's clothes. Needless to say, the "cuteness" of this is wearing away quickly.

Joys of the buzz cut

When Tyler puts Elsie on his shoulders after he has a freshly cut buzz, she LOVES licking his head (as you can see here). The first time she did it we thought it was funny, but that she probably wouldn't do it again. Since then, she continues to do it right after he has cut his hair. Only then. Could it be the lingering smell of the clippers on his hair that draws her taste buds to it, or the short, spiky hair? At any rate, it is funny - every time.